Tuesday, December 18, 2007

goodbye blogger; hello livejournal.


check it out, loves.

Monday, December 17, 2007


and i'm write here awake writting my xmas cards. *claps for myself*
i'm so proud of my cards can. i feel that it's super nice! HAHA. thou my hand writing is like shit but still...
so much to say that i guess i couldn't squeeze it into a A6 size card.
i hope u guys feel wad i wan to say. HAHA! <3

gotta complete some stuffs tml before i go to the chalet tml.
1. buy my gift exchange pressie.
2. buy my rubbish gift
3. tink of my performance

OMG. stressed! hahaha! i'm so last minute :(

anyws, okok i gotta hit the bed now alr. i can hear the hens kuku-ing. :S
and i'm still meeting jp at 9.30 to go swimming tml morn! grrrrrrrrrr.
okiedoks bye!

oh lastly, i feel like changing my blog to livejournal soon. but i'm gonna miss suakupoks@blogspot.
i must have gotten up from the wrong side of the bed today.
firstly, i alighted at the wrong mrt station in the morn.
secondly, i walked to the wrong mrt exit on the way home.
thridly, i wrote the wrong name on somebody's xmas card and it's so big tt i cannot help but leave it like that.

something's reali wrong w me today.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

YAY back to blogging. so super lazie to update my blog since exams's over. zzzzz.
life's been pretty good slacking and basically not utilizing my brain cells.
but it's been bad spending and being broke. ): SOB.

neways, i'm kind of hooked onto editing photos recently. :D wheeeee (thanks to ccy)
ok. gonna keep it as a SURPRISE for now.

if not for the photos that i've been digging, i wouldn't be blogging now.
check out how much we've changed!

this was 2 years ago (rach's bdae)

1 year ago (rach's bdae)

and, recently (rach's bdae)

looking back at the pics, i'm quite surprised how i could wear nicely to airport in the past. HAHA. now, i'll prob be wearing in shorts and tee to the airport la.

ok. that's all bye peeps. (don noe wad else to type damn lazie)
and right, feel like changing to livejournal instead! (take note of this tina. pls teach me!) k BYE.

Friday, December 07, 2007

uh been too lazie to update my blog after the exams.
but it didn't seem like much of a big deal afterall.
hais. the end of exam marks the end of first sem. and it scares me to see how time flies.
like it's been a year since As end, since i started working, and 1/2 a yr since sch started.
and i didn't noe wad i've reali been doing for tt whole year.

been pretty busy and tired these days. shopping, visiting my grandpa, baking, crunchyrolling etc. to the extent that i'm having eye bags right now. like right aft the exams. -______-" i don even have eye bags during the exams!

on a happier note, baked choco cupcakes yest @ my hse. and yum yum it's pretty good but it's SUPER SUPER SUPER TIRING. like we spent more then an hour sifting the flour and cocoa powder. and i didn't do much actualli except washing the dishes (which i most hated of cos).
while i was flaunting away equipments in my hse which i onli discovered recently that have been ard for mre thn a decade i guess (like the weighing scale and electric mixer). the sift is the stupidest. i'm gonna get a new sift SOON SOON SOON.

pathetic sift.

the icing is so cute rightttttttttttt. but it taste like shit. wasted my $8.55 :(

hai. so sad i didn't get to pass the dec babies those cupcakes. and i even got candles ready. -______-" sob.
so i ended up w a dozen of cupcakes in my fridge now w my unsupportive family (like alwaes).
i love to bake but i hate to eat the stuffs.

oh btw, facebook's damn cool leh. i have onli realised how cool it is (i mean i used to hate it cos i didn't noe how to use it). gotta upload mre photos soon! (:

aiyahs.................. I AM SUPER SLEEPY NOW.

last but not least, YAY i love crunchy rolling japanese dramas.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

WHEEE. i'm so excited tt my exams are gonna end soon that i couldn't realli settle down to study.
whenever i set my eyes on the pages of my textbook, my mind kind of started drifting away..................................
to my own lalaland, thinking of all the things i can do during my hols! :D:D:D:D:D

ok stop it, SOMEBODY HELP ME.

i've been a little emo last night looking thru photos agn; and amanda sudd msg-ed me.
haha. and so we started to org an outing for the a4bees. and i started msging pple this morn. and sadly, onli 2 pple replied me. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. ):
qi si ren. mayb i shld quit being the organiser and the outings might b more successful that way.

i cant wait to shop shop shop till i drop, bake bake bake till my house's on fire, eat eat eat till i burst (ok mayb NOT), swim swim swim till i become a mermaid, nua nua nua till i'm a nuapoks.

meaningless post. pls ignore it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

today is a happy day! (:
and i still have 5 days to study for study genes and society. blah.

was thinking like i wan to study hard for tt paper so tt i probably don need to SU it. but come to tink abt it, there's a line between willingness and ability. (tot of history paper today - Europeans would not and could not colonise Asia without Industrial Revolution). yay i can finalli throw away all my stuffs!
but i tot the tutors and lecturers in history dept are realli cute and friendly >_< !

so, i went to watch ENCHANTED with tina today. hehe i tink it's so super niceeeeeeeee! i love the plot(thou it's those of happily ever afters but i love happily ever afters), the cast, the princessy costumes and dresses, the images and everything! :D
but i guess there's still a wide gap between fairytales and reality.
will they ever come true?

and i went shopping alone after tina left. i tot shopping alone was kind of efficient and productive. thou i didn't buy anything which is good. i still prefer online shopping which is wayyyy cheaper and the clothes are nicer. i tink there's INFLATION in our economy. everything's so exp everywher! ):

and seeing those sec school students hanging out with their frens during the hols probably remind me of those days. seems like they're so far from me now heh.

and i tink i'm so superrrrrr stressed for the past few daes that i couldn't slp at night ):. and guess wad. my M come STRAIGHT after my exams. like once i leave the hall and went to the T, tada! :S i must be reali reali stressed for the past few daes. -___________-"

lastly, YAY there's pasar malam in my place! FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD I SMELL YOU AND I WAN TO EAT YOU UP.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2 down; 3 more to go.
URGHS i hope thurs faster come soon.
i cant wait to watch Enchanted cos i hrd it's v nice. wheeeeeeeeeee.

hai. i seriously tink i'm kind of stress. -_____-" like couldn't reali get to bed last night lo. i tink i overworked my brain. all the last minute work to be blamed.

was looking thru pictures of my frens and i realised tt christmas deco are up in town. like, i don even noe and i cant reali remb when was the last time i've been to town.
ok ya i remb. it was chiayin's bdae which was almost a month ago.

and, ONLINE SHOPPING IS EVIL EVIL. somebody help me from the devil pleaseeeeeee.
sickening lo. bought my 4th top yest for this month. ok but it was damn nice can. i tink for the whole afternoon and decided i need to buy it since it's nice and cheap.
i cant wait to get my stufffsssss.
teebang was asking me why am i always so broke. i tink online shopping plays a main role! :S

and yay, i am v happy now cos my sis jus told me tt i can lobang her taxi to go to sch on thurs. which means i can leave my hse at 8 instead of 7.10 and can still risk being late and rushy my way.

RAH. math paper tml. i seriously seriously seriously hope i don fail it leh. i mean i tink i wan to do well but maths is jus ARGHS. don even noe why i took it.

Blah. Bye. Boring Blog. -_______-"